Little Joe – Original charcoal bluetit drawing

Meet Little Joe, he’s a bluetit that comes regularly to my garden and the feeders. Like most bluetits he’s always moving, darting in and out, never still.  When he’s on one feeder he’s always looking to the next one, full of life and energy.

charcoal drawing of a bluetit
Little Joe

This is the original photo that I took of Joe, I decided to draw him in charcoal despite the wonderful colours that bluetits are.  Once colour is taken away we notice the detail a lot more

My process is to always block in loosely the dark areas with a large charcoal stick, it looks like I have represented movement by leaving the ghost of a wing just above his wing.  It is in fact where I first thought his wing was.  I like to leave my original marks and workings out.  I used to delete them all carefully but have grown to understand that it is all part of the story of the drawing.    The following shots are all progress drawings…

Nitram charcoal

And finally Joe in his frame.  He is drawn on Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper.  A great tough paper that allows a lot of work.

I like to name my drawings with proper names, it feels right somehow.  Coming up with names is not easy so what I tend to do is use a name from the current book I am reading,  I listen to audio books whilst drawing, so there is usually a whole range of character names to choose from.  Joe was the husband of one of the characters in a book, he was a really lovely chap so the name felt so right.  Little Joe can be purchased from my online shop, click here to view him or click on the image above….

Any comments or questions feel free to get in touch….

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