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T20 Pet Portraits

I am delighted to roll out my new T20 Pet Portraits, so called because like the smaller version of a cricket match these are smaller pet portraits.  And as with T20 they have the same amount of excitement and skill as the fuller versions.

Each portrait is 5″ x 5″ in size, they are framed in either a white or black square frame with an overall external size of 8″ x 8″.  They are drawn in pencil on Arches watercolour paper to the same high standard and fine art detail that I apply to my full size portraits.

T20 pet portraits make a very unique gift for someone special, being the perfect size to give as a gift and for the all in price of £68 (plus postage).  To find out more follow the link to my T20 Portraits – below are some examples I have drawn to show you how wonderful they look.  Click on each one to be taken to my website page where you can purchase prints of them.

framed drawing of a dalmatian dog drawn in pencil graphite by pet artist

That Dalmatian Look

framed cocker spaniel drawing completed in pencil by Alsager pet artist

Cocker Joy


That Westie Look – original charcoal dog drawing

This was set as a practise piece.  It has been well received so I have made it available for sale on Daily Paintworks you can see it here I used this piece to help to practise drawing long fur.  Long fur is completely different from short hair – or so I thought.  It is actually exactly the same.  I initially tried to draw each clump of fur but that resulted in lots of bare patches which did not look right.  So I restarted and ending up treating it like everything else I draw, I looked for the darkest tones and worked through to the lightest.  I then added fur detail at the end.  Much better and a good exercise.

charcoal and white pastel drawing of a westie head and shoulders with black eyes by pet artist

That Westie Look


Cocker Spaniel drawing – original pastel pet portrait 



The drawing of Brandt the golden cocker spaniel is now complete.  I have added the details I needed to but completed the rest quite loosely.  This original pet portrait is a commission and will be sold framed.  To view my recent commissions visit my website www.cricketandotheranimals.co.uk

Greyhound Ghost – original pastel greyhound dog drawing direct from uk pet artist

greyhound dog pastel drawing commission

A recent commission.  Completed in pastel and pastel pencil.  This was such a pleasure to draw because the reference photograph was so crystal clear.  I was able to see all beautiful tones of her coat.

Cheeky Charlie – original pastel dog drawing from uk pet artist

cocker spaniel pastel dog portrait commission from uk pet artist

This is a drawing of my dog Charlie, I wanted to show how expressions in a dog are brilliant to capture in artform.  I often get asked to draw pet portraits that are quite posed and traditional however there is a new wave of pet art coming to the fore which is much more expressive with the view of capturing certain characteristics of the pet rather than a staged one.  This is one of Charlie’s many different expressions, its the challenge in the eyes of him wanting me to chase him around the house to retrieve the sock back.

Silhouette – original charcoal dog drawing for dog portrait commission


Completed in charcoal with the slightest white conte highlights.  The original is available to purchase, click on the image to follow the link.

Border collie – original charcoal drawing | uk pet artist drawing commission

border collie drawing in charcoal by uk pet artist as a commissionI spent an hour working and reworking this chaps face. Coming along nicely.

Border collie progress drawing

how to start drawing a dog

Start of my next drawing. Initial shadow areas are plotted out in charcoal.

Flyball Dog – completed



Flyball Dog is now complete.  She has been drawn in pastel pencil and conte soft pastels.  I wanted to keep it as soft as possible by ensuring that the feeling of motion was maintained.  It has been drawn on Canson cream coloured paper, on the reverse side because it is smoother