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3’s A Crowd – original pastel dog drawing commission

original pastel drawing of two jack russells and a beagle

3’s A Crowd

This was a tough commission.  The original drawing is 20 x 16″ on pastelmat.

When originally asked to do the commission I was presented with a photograph of the three dogs in this pose.  It’s taken by a professional pet photographer.  My initial reaction was to say that the photo was great and could not be improved upon with art.  However, the customer insisted that he wanted something bigger and completed in art.  Reluctantly I agreed, as most pet artists know a great photo can lead to a great piece because when the photography is so clear it makes my job a lot easier.

Decisions – I thought the best course of action was to focus on the dog’s faces and make everything else loose and impressionistic.  I figured that if I drew the bench and the trees and grass in great detail then it would detract away from the dogs themselves.

Here are my materials for the commission – Unison soft pastels (Emma Colbert set) stabilo carbothello pastel pencils, conte soft and hard pastels all on pastelmat.

 Here is a slideshow showing progress shots taken as I went along…

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The piece took just over 2 weeks to complete….

Shar pei twins progress

Sharpei progress drawing

Taking longer than I thought, but I’m enjoying every minute.  I’m beginning to layer the details starting from the left by refining the details, putting in the white and putting some fur details.

Cocker Spaniel drawing – original pastel pet portrait 



The drawing of Brandt the golden cocker spaniel is now complete.  I have added the details I needed to but completed the rest quite loosely.  This original pet portrait is a commission and will be sold framed.  To view my recent commissions visit my website www.cricketandotheranimals.co.uk

Silhouette – original charcoal dog drawing for dog portrait commission


Completed in charcoal with the slightest white conte highlights.  The original is available to purchase, click on the image to follow the link.

It’s Friday!! – original pastel dog drawing


Drawn in pastel pencil, I couldn’t resist this sketch drawing. I love showing movement in my drawings and seeing the artists on ‘The Painting Challenge’ struggle with it this week I thought I would extend movement to my pet drawings as well as my sports drawings.  As the judge tried to explain, movement is expressed through the anatomical proportion of the body – if that is correct then it works.  I personally love the various twists that bodies get into when doing movement so I find it fascinating.