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3’s A Crowd – original pastel dog drawing commission

original pastel drawing of two jack russells and a beagle

3’s A Crowd

This was a tough commission.  The original drawing is 20 x 16″ on pastelmat.

When originally asked to do the commission I was presented with a photograph of the three dogs in this pose.  It’s taken by a professional pet photographer.  My initial reaction was to say that the photo was great and could not be improved upon with art.  However, the customer insisted that he wanted something bigger and completed in art.  Reluctantly I agreed, as most pet artists know a great photo can lead to a great piece because when the photography is so clear it makes my job a lot easier.

Decisions – I thought the best course of action was to focus on the dog’s faces and make everything else loose and impressionistic.  I figured that if I drew the bench and the trees and grass in great detail then it would detract away from the dogs themselves.

Here are my materials for the commission – Unison soft pastels (Emma Colbert set) stabilo carbothello pastel pencils, conte soft and hard pastels all on pastelmat.

 Here is a slideshow showing progress shots taken as I went along…

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The piece took just over 2 weeks to complete….

New commission & quotes


This Ben – he’s my next commission and will be full of warm foxy colours.

Reading an article in Artists and Illustrators I came across this quote which I thought was not only relevant for art but many things when you start working, everybody is in your studio – the past, your friends, enemies, the art world, and above all, your own ideas – all are there.  But as you continue painting, they start leaving, one by one, and you are left completely alone.  Then if you’re lucky, even you leave” (Philip Guston)

That Whippet Look! – original pencil drawing

This drawing is now complete.  I have drawn him in Faber Castell graphite pencils on Arches Watercolour Paper.  It is mounted to 16 x 12″ and is available to buy from my website shop.  Click here to buy or on the image.  I would love to hear what you think of him…..

original pencil drawing of a whippet looking up at its owner by Alsager pet artist

That Whippet Look

Black Labrador – original pencil drawing

My commissioned drawing of Alfie is now complete.  He has been drawn in graphite with some Conte pastel for his eyes.  Lots of shading to capture the dark and highlight contrast.

black labrador pencil and graphite drawing head shot with brown pastel eyes by Cheshire pet artist


Shar Pei twins – original dog pastel drawing

sharpei twins

Shar Pei Twins

shar pei twins close up

I have finally completed this drawing.  I have certainly taken my time on this, blending and re-blending to get the tones just how I wanted them.  I will be sad to see this pair go as I have got quite attached to them.  It is completed in pastel on Canson Mi Teintes paper.

The piece is available to purchase from Daily  Paintworks  

Shar Pei twins pastel progress drawing

sharpei twins progress

Worked a little bit more on my pastel Shar Pei drawing today.  This is a little larger than I usually do (11 x 14″) which has meant I need to order larger mounts and packaging for when I hopefully sell it.