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Ben – original pastel drawing

This is my latest completed commission – Ben, he is a red border collie.  It was a pleasure to draw such a colourful dog, he has a mass of orange, red and ginger fur  I selected this pose as I love drawing movement. With a focus on the face I wanted the rest of Ben to appear loose and fluid by using bold strokes with the pastel.  I used conte pastel pencils and sticks as well as carbothello pastel pencils.

pastel pencil drawing of a red collie running holding a stick


I came across this quote by Robert Henri – ‘the artist is interesting to himself and he is interesting to others’  I find this quite reassuring because I always think I must sound very boring when I prattle on about art

Progress Drawing – graphite cocker spaniel

Aren’t spaniels’ ears the best thing to draw.  So soft and flowing with such varying tones that present a great challenge.  This drawing is almost complete now this ear taking up nearly half of the drawing.  You could possibly draw every single fur detail but that would not be artistic, merely copying so I have shown the soft velvety flow of the ears by creating a uniform tonal detail.

graphite close up detail of a spaniel ear

Progress Drawing

That Whippet Look! – original pencil drawing

This drawing is now complete.  I have drawn him in Faber Castell graphite pencils on Arches Watercolour Paper.  It is mounted to 16 x 12″ and is available to buy from my website shop.  Click here to buy or on the image.  I would love to hear what you think of him…..

original pencil drawing of a whippet looking up at its owner by Alsager pet artist

That Whippet Look

Shar Pei original pastel drawing – progress


Progress drawing on my Shar Pei twins.  What a great picture, they look like a pair of elephant babies.  When I saw the photo I immediately thought of my 3 tones of grey conte pastel pencils and knew it would make a wonderful drawing.  Progress is going well, currently I am just mapping out the 3 different colour tones (well 4 if you include white)

Snow Spaniel – pencil drawing of spaniel

Snowdog sketch

This is a preliminary sketch drawing for a pastel drawing I have started today.  It’s rare for me to do a preparation drawing but I there are so many tricky elements to this portrait that I wanted to practice first.  I have called it ‘snow spaniel’ (decided to change its name) because the original has got snow flakes on his head.  I can’t show that with the pencil but it will look really effective with pastel.

Aero – original pastel king charles spaniel drawing


Time to share some of my Christmas commissions.  This is Aero, a King Charles spaniel.  I could tell immediately that the reference photo would make an excellent sensitive drawing.  I have drawn him in conte pastel pencil, conte soft pastels and sennelier pastels.  The reference photo had one eye almost closed so I needed to open it up more otherwise it would look unusual.  It is a good example of when artistic licence is needed, in a photo it looks fine because we know its a photo so it must be correct, but different sized eyes in a drawing is judged to be an error.

Cocker Spaniel drawing – original pastel pet portrait 



The drawing of Brandt the golden cocker spaniel is now complete.  I have added the details I needed to but completed the rest quite loosely.  This original pet portrait is a commission and will be sold framed.  To view my recent commissions visit my website www.cricketandotheranimals.co.uk

Greyhound Ghost – original pastel greyhound dog drawing direct from uk pet artist

greyhound dog pastel drawing commission

A recent commission.  Completed in pastel and pastel pencil.  This was such a pleasure to draw because the reference photograph was so crystal clear.  I was able to see all beautiful tones of her coat.

Cheeky Charlie – original pastel dog drawing from uk pet artist

cocker spaniel pastel dog portrait commission from uk pet artist

This is a drawing of my dog Charlie, I wanted to show how expressions in a dog are brilliant to capture in artform.  I often get asked to draw pet portraits that are quite posed and traditional however there is a new wave of pet art coming to the fore which is much more expressive with the view of capturing certain characteristics of the pet rather than a staged one.  This is one of Charlie’s many different expressions, its the challenge in the eyes of him wanting me to chase him around the house to retrieve the sock back.

Border collie – original charcoal drawing | uk pet artist drawing commission

border collie drawing in charcoal by uk pet artist as a commissionI spent an hour working and reworking this chaps face. Coming along nicely.