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Ben – original pastel drawing

This is my latest completed commission – Ben, he is a red border collie.  It was a pleasure to draw such a colourful dog, he has a mass of orange, red and ginger fur  I selected this pose as I love drawing movement. With a focus on the face I wanted the rest of Ben to appear loose and fluid by using bold strokes with the pastel.  I used conte pastel pencils and sticks as well as carbothello pastel pencils.

pastel pencil drawing of a red collie running holding a stick


I came across this quote by Robert Henri – ‘the artist is interesting to himself and he is interesting to others’  I find this quite reassuring because I always think I must sound very boring when I prattle on about art

That Whippet Look! – original pencil drawing

This drawing is now complete.  I have drawn him in Faber Castell graphite pencils on Arches Watercolour Paper.  It is mounted to 16 x 12″ and is available to buy from my website shop.  Click here to buy or on the image.  I would love to hear what you think of him…..

original pencil drawing of a whippet looking up at its owner by Alsager pet artist

That Whippet Look

Shar Pei original pastel drawing – progress


Progress drawing on my Shar Pei twins.  What a great picture, they look like a pair of elephant babies.  When I saw the photo I immediately thought of my 3 tones of grey conte pastel pencils and knew it would make a wonderful drawing.  Progress is going well, currently I am just mapping out the 3 different colour tones (well 4 if you include white)

Aero – original pastel king charles spaniel drawing


Time to share some of my Christmas commissions.  This is Aero, a King Charles spaniel.  I could tell immediately that the reference photo would make an excellent sensitive drawing.  I have drawn him in conte pastel pencil, conte soft pastels and sennelier pastels.  The reference photo had one eye almost closed so I needed to open it up more otherwise it would look unusual.  It is a good example of when artistic licence is needed, in a photo it looks fine because we know its a photo so it must be correct, but different sized eyes in a drawing is judged to be an error.

Pug Drawing- part 2


Second part of the pug drawing. Still working in charcoal I have redefined some of the shadow areas and begun to use charcoal pencils to work on the finer details.

Pug – stage 1


Start of my next drawing. A very basic start. This is a little pug dog, mostly head and shoulder shot. He’s black with cream fur so I’ve decided to do the black bits in charcoal. At this stage I am only laying down proportions which are quite crudely put. When I’ve placed the main shadow areas then I will keep checking them as I go along.