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Aero – original pastel king charles spaniel drawing


Time to share some of my Christmas commissions.  This is Aero, a King Charles spaniel.  I could tell immediately that the reference photo would make an excellent sensitive drawing.  I have drawn him in conte pastel pencil, conte soft pastels and sennelier pastels.  The reference photo had one eye almost closed so I needed to open it up more otherwise it would look unusual.  It is a good example of when artistic licence is needed, in a photo it looks fine because we know its a photo so it must be correct, but different sized eyes in a drawing is judged to be an error.

Kitten pastel drawing prints

kitten pet pastel drawing commission by uk pet artist

This drawing is now complete.  I used a soft and hard conte pastel as well as the pastel pencils to create a soft background.  The drawing is available to buy, click on it to follow the link to my shop

Kitten cuteness – pastel drawing Part 1

Start of my next drawing. Quite a challenge which requires me to use colour. I’m really enjoying it as it’s such a relaxed and soft drawing. At this stage it’s just checking the proportions are correct and the main shadow areas are observed. The start of building up the colour will continue.