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Autumn Leaf Drawing Study – Tulip Tree Leaf

pastel pencil drawing of an autumn leaf

Drawn in pastel this drawing has taken me about 6 weeks to complete. I haven’t drawn it from dawn to dusk each day but worked on it most days.

The particular leaf in question literally landed at my feet back in the Autumn when I was sat on the back patio, a small seating area at the bottom of my garden. Back then it was a wonderful coppery colour with a twist in its body that immediately twitched my drawing hand.

I don’t know what it is about twisted things, I have always assumed that it is because it presents a greater challenge – and oh boy do I like a challenge. I am hoping that it isn’t representative of some twisted part of my personality.

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The Blast – original pastel drawing of T20 batsman

pastel drawing of luke wright hitting a six in a t20 blast final edgbaston

Welcome to my cricket drawing ‘The Blast’ .

This was a bit of an impromptu drawing that ended up really well.  I was watching and enjoying this years Blast T20 final at Edgbaston between Sussex and Worcester.  Worcester went on to win the game but this is Sussex’s Luke Wright hitting a big six.

Rarely do I draw cricket art in colour but the colour and the razzmatazz of the competition lead to colour being on the cards.

The progress of my pastel drawings lately have been to prime gaterboard with pastel primer and an acrylic colour.  This time a golden colour.  It allows for the golden colour to light up the whole scene as the layers go on top.  I then take a darker pastel ground and paint an underpainting of the main figure.  This provides some depth to the batsman.

Progress shots…..


Once the under painting is dry I build up the colour totally focusing on complementary colours to provide harmony to the piece.  It is not the same representing movement in pastel as it is in charcoal.  The method I have found most effective is as painting movement and that is to let the pastel strokes go through the neighbouring colour which provides a more impressionistic piece.

The original piece is with Luke himself.  Here’s a shot of him holding the original….


I have set up a run of 50 limited prints available from my website…..Click here to visit or on the image below

pastel drawing of luke wright hitting a six in a t20 blast final edgbaston

Snow Spaniel – progress drawing pastel spaniel drawing


Pastel progress drawing of my latest piece – Snow Spaniel.  This was a intriguing episode in my development as an artist.  I have been following a few brilliant pet artists on social media.  I noticed that they all do quite detailed pencil drawings initially before applying colour.  I’ve been practising my pencil sketching as well, which lead me to try and do a more detailed under sketch before starting this drawing.  It was a mistake, convinced that I had sketched it correctly I applied the pastel quite freely ignoring my artist’s eye which kept telling me that something was wrong.  Eventually I listened to it and ditched the drawing today.  Starting with a new piece of paper I began the drawing again how I normally do them as you can see in the above progress shots. I start blocking in the shadow areas and build up the colour from there as you would do with a painting.  It is called snow spaniel because there’s a lovely sprinkling of snow on his head. I am looking forward to completing that part with white pastel at the end.