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Quick Sketch Process in charcoal

I have battled with portrait drawing since I can’t remember.  Despite drawing portraits pretty much every day, I still get it badly wrong more times than I get it right.

I don’t have any particular ambitions to be a portrait artist, there are too many artists that are so much better than I could hope to be whom I admire and am in awe of pretty much permanently.  However, being able to competently draw portraits helps me in all areas of my art.  My cricket and sports drawings will be so much easier if I didn’t spend days sweating over the faces and indeed any animal or bird drawing will be helped no end by increased portrait drawing skills.

I strongly believe that since portrait drawing is the hardest thing to master, there are those that will disagree, but I seriously believe that, then everything else should therefore be easier as a result of an increased skill in this area.

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Golf drawing – original charcoal golf drawing of ‘The Golf Thinker’

Completed in charcoal and white conte pastel, this is an original drawing. The drawing depicts a golfer considering his putt. The intense concentration on the golfer’s face is something I have tried to focus on in the drawing. The pose, being similar to the famous statue ‘The Thinker’ gave me this quirky title.

This would make a very special unique gift for any golfer or golf fan or indeed any golf club.

To buy the original framed drawing click on the image to follow the link to my shop.  The original does not carry the watermark.

golf drawing of putting shot